When your pet’s procedure day comes, we will keep you updated throughout the day by text and phone. We give our patient’s the care that we would want to receive for our own family members. You can be confident that your pet is receiving gold-standard state-of-the-art care.

When Only The Best Will Do

The specialty dentist, doctor Fulton Scanlon, has an incredible knowledge of dentistry and is really thorough in every way. She knows how to diagnose and treat. And she also does a very thorough examination of the whole dog and, in fact, caught a cancerous lesion on my dog’s chest that I had no idea was there and which enabled me to get my dog to the oncology specialist. Due to her diligence, she has saved my dog’s life. Also, the staff is great!
Sherre Sturm
They are absolutely amazing at North Bay. They made me feel so comfortable to leave Zippy in their capable hands. They kept me informed during the surgery and the doctor spent 45 minutes explaining everything about the surgery procedure and the at home care. I am so impressed with this clinic/hospital. You will be in good hands if you use them.
Cheryl Ryan
I’m so happy that Dr. Scanlan and team were able to save my kitty Jaya’s broken tooth. Another veterinarian had suggested that it be pulled out, but I hated for my young cat to be without one of his major teeth. Dr. Scanlan was able to do a root canal so that he could keep the tooth. The team was great to work with, explaining treatment options and costs clearly up front. I was impressed by the high tech imaging they have that enables them to see clearly what is going on in your pet’s mouth. Their office is calm and welcoming. A great experience all around.
Lisa Golden

There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful the humans are here at Northbay. After a misdiagnosis for my sweet girl, Northbay veterinary dentistry was able to get us in very last minute. I was scared, felt all alone, and so worried about my cat. They went above and beyond for both of us. They were able to diagnose my kitty properly and prepare us for the next phases of our journey together. We left feeling completely cared for. By far the best group of people I have ever encountered. I cannot give enough praise or send enough gratitude to these amazing humans. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Karen K

I cannot speak highly enough of the amazing dental care my dogs have received from Dr Amy Fulton over the past 8 years!  She has seen 4 of our dogs, many of them yearly. She has done extensive surgeries to remove tumors, rotten teeth and gotten our old dogs through multiple anesthetic procedures.  We appreciate her attention to detail in all of their health concerns.  We are so excited to be able to have her continue our pet’s care at her new clinic!

Dr. Stacey S.

Our fur baby, Luna, has been a patient of Dr. Fulton for the last 10 years. Luna was diagnosed with a terrible, degenerative tooth disease as a puppy, sentencing her to a life of chronic pain. While other veterinary dentists were reluctant to treat Luna, due to the complexity of her condition, Dr. Fulton never hesitated to provide her with the absolute best care. I do not know what we would have done if we hadn’t found Dr. Fulton, she saved Luna’s life! We are so excited to be able to continue working with Dr. Fulton in her new clinic.

Jennifer P. & Steve L.
Dr. Amy Fulton has taken excellent care of my dogs for the past 8 years. My love-of-my-life dog had a chronic gum condition, so we experienced multiple dentists through moves early in his life. Without a doubt, Enano and I received the most comprehensive care from Dr. Fulton. Towards the end of his life, Dr. Fulton diagnosed and removed a tumor from his jaw and helped get him in for specialized follow up treatment, all which gave me extra time with my boy. My current dog is not such a medical handful but sees Dr. Fulton yearly for dental care and treatment of the broken teeth she keeps getting. Riza loves Dr. Fulton, and we’re both excited to see her in her new location!
Erin U.