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1505, 2024

Saving Smiles: Root Planing and Perioceutics for Pet Dental Health

Periodontal disease, a common but often overlooked ailment in pets, can cause discomfort, pain, and systemic health issues if left untreated. Fortunately, veterinary dentistry advancements now offer effective solutions to preserve your pet's smile. Root planing and perioceutics are two periodontal therapies that have emerged as powerful tools in combating [...]

105, 2024

Jaw Fracture Treatment Options in Pets

Jaw fractures in dogs and cats can be painful and debilitating, affecting your furry pal’s ability to eat, groom, play, and chew. Most jaw fractures require treatment from a specialized surgeon or veterinary dentist to restore proper function. Our North Bay Veterinary Dentistry team knows that creative problem-solving is the [...]

1504, 2024

Advanced Imaging For Facial Trauma in Pets

You likely know that veterinary dentists can treat pets’ advanced or complicated periodontal diseases, but you may not be familiar with these specialists’ full skill set or experience. At North Bay Veterinary Dentistry, our veterinary dentist not only treats pets with routine oral issues but also offers specialized imaging and [...]

104, 2024

What is a Pet Dental Emergency?

Pet dental emergencies can be distressing for owners and pets alike, and you need to know how to recognize and respond in emergencies for your pet’s health and well-being. Therefore, the North Bay Veterinary Dentistry team has created this guide to common dental emergencies that includes tips on responding to [...]

1503, 2024

How Do Pets Cope With Dental Extraction?

Uh-oh—your pet’s veterinarian or veterinary dentist has advised that your pet needs one or more of their teeth removed (i.e., extracted). Although the concept of dental extractions can be scary, with diligent after care and monitoring, most pets take this oral surgery in stride. Here’s a brief guide from the [...]

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