Procedure Day

What can I expect the day of my pet’s procedure?

Before Arrival

Before you arrive for your procedure we will provide detailed instructions on when to arrive, what medications to give or not give to your pet, and when to withhold food so that we can ensure a safe and uneventful anesthesia.

Upon Arrival

When you arrive at your scheduled drop off time your pet’s surgical nurse will go over any paperwork and other details that are specific to your pet. You will be given a timeline of what to expect for the day and when to expect phone calls or text message updates from the NBVD team.

Treatment Area

Once check in is complete, the technician will bring your pet to the treatment area and begin checking your pets vitals and weight. Dr. Fulton will then perform a brief examination and discuss any details that you may have mentioned during check in. At this time the technician will bring your pet to a kennel personalized to their needs.

  • Cats will be provided a quiet kennel that will include a comfy bed, a place to hide and a litter box. Feliway diffusers, which dispense calming cat pheromones, are near by to reduce anxiety.
  • There will be NO dogs in this area as we want to limit the stress on your cat. There will be soft sounds of instrumental music or a sound machine with nature sounds playing.
  • Small dogs will have the option of either a comfortable bed in a quiet small kennel or a large kennel run with space to run around.
  • Large dogs will have a large kennel with a comfy bed.
  • A bed in Dr. Fulton’s office and/or with our reception staff is available for those who don’t do well in kennels.
  • During the day pets may change to a different spot depending on how they respond. They will all be monitored closely to maintain as low stress environment as we can.
  • We will have an Adaptil diffuser, dispensing calming dog pheromones in the kennel room.
  • The sounds and smells of home also help for your pets comfort. So feel free to bring in a small toy or blanket that’s special to your pet.
  • We will have different sounds playing throughout the kennel room whether it be music or even an audio book. If you have requests, let us know!
  • Every dog will get a chance to go out to our pet relief area before and after surgery.